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Hiring a Professional Trainer is Not a Sign of Weakness

This world is full of "professionals" for a reason. We need professionals to guide the rest of us amateurs through the world and nobody can be an expert at EVERYTHING.

For example, I am not a professional plumber, electrician, lawyer or dentist. I would not plumb or wire my own house, represent myself in a court of law, or crown or pull my own tooth. I would hire a professional to help me.

That being said, I would try to learn as much as possible alongside the professionals I need in my life as they performed their work. I might ask a plumber to show me how to use the emergency shut off valve or an electrician how to work the breaker box, or ask the lawyer or dentist along the way to guide me with the right decisions. But, I'd never be able to go it alone.

Yes, a plumber or an electrician or a lawyer or a dentist is going to cost me money, and I can certainly shop around, but ultimately quality work is going to come at a monetary price.

I am a professional dog trainer. I have worked under the tutelage of other trainers while working at a law enforcement dog training facility and quite a few rescue organizations and veterinary offices. I went to school at National K-9 Dog Trainer School in Columbus, Ohio and had a tremendous, hands-on experience with some of the best trainers in the country. Last September I attended the International Association of Canine Professionals conference in Florida. I reach out to colleagues to problem solve and trouble shoot behavior situations I can't quite figure out on my own. I do what I can to remain a professional.

Every dog deserves to have proper training under the guidance of a professional dog trainer, just because you're a dog owner or had a dog or a child, or have taken care of a friend's dog doesn't mean that you can train properly without some help. It is not a sign of weakness if you have tried what you can with your dog and have hit a wall. Call a professional to help you do a proper job with your pup, better yet, call me. Quality work is going to come at a monetary price and here at Paws On Learning I strive to keep my programs affordable so that everyone can benefit from my programs.

If you're thinking of getting a new pup or if you have one now who you think may need my help, contact me today. And if you aren't sure about how you're going to pay for training, my advice is to save up, I guarantee you that Paws On Learning is worth it.

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