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International Association of Canine Professionals 2018 Conference, St. Petersburg Beach, Florida

September 17-20 I had the opportunity to attend the IACP conference in St. Petersburg Beach, Florida.

I embraced this opportunity to broaden my knowledge as a trainer. I attended a variety of talks and learned a great deal of valuable information; some of which I am planning on incorporating into my own training.

Provided below is the list of talks I attended as well as a link to each speaker's website. I hope you will take the opportunity to learn a little more about dogs and how they learn by visiting these sites. Happy learning!

+If You Want to Learn How to Talk to Your Dog, Shut Your Mouth, Nelson Hodges

+Balance to A T, Tawni McBee

+K9 Nosework Fun, Christine Hixson

+Canine Body Language, Sarah Kalnajs

+Training Triage and the Power of Playgroups, Aimee Sadler, Dogs Playing for Life

+Truth and Responsibility-The Hoax of Purely Positive, Ivan Balabanov

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