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The communication lines have been opened!!!!!!! Congratulations Graduates!

The last couple of weeks at Paw On Learning have been busy! Two of our pups graduated from Program 1. Both the pups and their owners were very pleased with the results and have moved on to scheduling Program 2 in August. In the meantime, they will be practicing, practicing, practicing.

Bella came to Paws On Learning as a 9 month old Field Spaniel and progressed through Program 1 with success. She now has more focus, walks well on a leash (which her owner, who recently had knee replacement surgery, certainly appreciates), and auto-sits like a champion. She is still a wiggly, whirling, dervish with a zest for life and plans to return in late July for her next round of schooling.

Mabel, who had been receiving private training with Ashley, came to Paws On Learning with a strong foundation in place. She finished up her Program 1 sessions and is much happier for it. She understands what her owners communicate to her and enjoys having a "job" to do when practicing her commands. See you when you return July 30th, can't wait to see what you've been practicing at home with your "mom" and "dad"!

Camper, also a previous "private" client has been coming to the Paws On Learning facility for some one-on-one "clean up"sessions. Camper has moved through Program 1 and is now practicing his therapy dog work. Last week he swung by with his "mom" to practice how to approach someone in a wheelchair and lay his head calmly in their lap. Way to go, Camper! Your mom and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you.

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