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What do my clients say is one of the most useful words in dog training?

I have worked with many clients and their dogs and most of them can agree on one thing, the word "No". Giving the command of "No" simply put, simplifies things. When you DON'T want your dog to do something (like chew your new dining room table legs or bark out the window at another dog walking down the street), simply say "No". Make sure you use a short, firm tone to grab their attention. Then, give them something you DO want them to do, such as "Sit" or "Down". Every dog needs a job, and when you tell them NOT to do a certain behavior, you must give them a job to do, or a behavior you DO want them to demonstrate. Try this at home, see what changes can be made, and if you need some extra help, advice, or demonstration, make a daytime reservation for a day of training for your pup that includes a follow-up mini-lesson for you when you pick your best friend up in the afternoon. Contact Ashley at Paws On Learning for more information!

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