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Practicing Place During "Hurricane" Irma

Cricket and I have been establishing our relationship since early January. Over the last 9 months she and I have been working together to strengthen our own Human Animal Bond. This pup came to me as a foster with a laundry list of "problems". Female dog aggressive they said...leaps giant buildings in single bound they said...crate anxiety they said....I think I was probably Cricket's last chance when she was dropped off at my house soon after Christmas. Now she plays with Wrigley (a female dog), I've never once seen her leap a giant building (although she did scale the baby gate in my new apartment with ease) and she is steadily becoming accustomed to the crate. Cricket now solidly knows 9 commands and has recently started her off-leash training. She will soon be my dog training "demo" dog and is working towards her certification as a therapy dog. Here's to the "unwanted" rescues who have the greatest potential.

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