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About Our Staff
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Ashley Douglas

Owner and Head Trainer 

Ashley has always had a passion for working with animals and was a dog owner long before she became a certified professional dog trainer. She has worked and volunteered in veterinary offices and animal shelters.


Ashley spent 18 years as an upper elementary school teacher. In 2016, she took a break from teaching and worked for a law enforcement dog training facility on Edisto Island, SC. There, she learned about National K9 Dog Trainer School.


In 2017, Ashley earned her Certified Professional Dog Trainer Certification from National K9, and in 2018, she started Paws On Learning's daytime board and train facility.


Over the last few years, Ashley has attended the International Association of Canine Professionals conference in Florida, Puppy Potential Workshop in North Carolina, and Hope Service Dogs Service Dog Training Seminar in Florida.


She utilizes her years as a professional teacher and her formal education and experience training dogs to help people in the Hilton Head, Bluffton, Beaufort, Savannah area reach their dog's potential. 

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Beäta Langston

Assistant Trainer 

Beäta says she found her calling early in life—anything to do with animals, but especially dogs. She finds teaching dogs self-discipline, and training the families they belong with, extremely rewarding and learns something new from every animal she meets. 

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Samantha Visokay

Apprentice Trainer 

Samantha has been passionate about helping and working with animals since she was a child. Her parents ran a rescue where they temporarily fostered sick and injured dogs until they found homes. She also worked as a dog bather. Samantha finds working with animals therapeutic and loves training dogs and helping them improve in every possible way. 

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Alma Ceron

Kennel Technician 

Alma has worked with dogs since she was 16. As a kennel tech at Brookes Bed and Biscuit, a kennel and dog rescue, she spent time with both dogs that were boarding and those that were surrendered and up for adoption. She learned a lot about reading dogs’ behavior and how to socialize them, as well as distributing meds and overall proper care. Whenever she had the opportunity, Alma fostered dogs and puppies while they waited to be adopted.

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Tracey Calvanico

Administrative Assistant/Daycare Attendant 

Tracey moved to Hilton Head Island with her husband Peter from Hoboken, NJ, where she worked as a business administrator in the school district. They have a daughter who attends Rutgers University. Tracey says she has the perfect job, which mixes her business acumen with her love of dogs.

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