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500 Terry Francois Street, San Francisco, CA 94158

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Do you have a puppy less than 16 weeks old?Riggs says "Enroll them in Puppy Pre-K Today!"

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Puppy Pre-K is a 3 day program for puppies less than 16 weeks.


It is encouraged that any puppy who has had his/her second round of shots participate in this program.


Puppies as young as 9-10 weeks experience great success with people, dog, and object socialization as well as focusing and relaxation methods.


Contact Ashley today at 603-540-2614 to have your puppy enrolled.



Do you want a dog who is a calm, confident family member? I can help you to establish a positive relationship with your dog. I offer 5 programs to help you develop a bond with a well trained animal. Program 1 is the starter package and includes a training leash and collar. Programs build upon one another and follow a progression, so after your dog completes Program 1, you can decide how you want to proceed based on your goals for you and your dog.


Each program is developed with individual families in mind and include private lessons to teach owners how to work their own dog through the commands.

I can also assist you with dogs who need help with fear aggression, dog aggression or socialization.


Contact me today if you would like to bring your dog to tour the facility.  Facility visits must be scheduled in advance, but are free. Come and see what Paws On Learning is all about. 

Private, in-home visits are reserved for senior dogs only. The cost of a home visit is $150 for 1.5 hours and includes tips and suggestions for training as well as some preliminary work with your dog.

Private lessons are reserved for clients whose dogs have already completed a program at my facility.

Visit the "Training Programs" tab for a description of each program and their cost.

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